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Kooheji reveals new 435-unit mixed-use project in Bahrain Bay

Article-Kooheji reveals new 435-unit mixed-use project in Bahrain Bay

ONYX Bahrain Bay, photo by Muharraqi Studios
The project will have a distinctive architectural style with high-end interiors that are built to provide a high-end and luxury living environment.

On the back of expo Cityscape Bahrain, Kooheji Development, one of Bahrain's top real estate firms, has unveiled its new mixed-use project, Onyx SkyView.

High architectural standards are to be implemented within the design that will stand as a unique landscape feature in the Manama skyline with panoramic sea views.

The Onyx SkyView project is the most recent addition to Kooheji's Development portfolio. The project's construction will begin this month and will be completed in phases by December 2027.


The core development tower, which spans 100,000 square meters, features 435 ultra-luxury homes. The tower also features 40 offices, and 7 retail units within a great location in Bahrain Bay, just across from the historic Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain.

The development has 53 levels of attached offices, stores, and living quarters that rise to an imposing 200 meters. It also has spacious grounds with numerous architectural courtyards of green outdoor spaces, and a range of amenities for residents. But also included are 8 elevators, 4 parking floors, 2 basement floors with a total of 700 parking spaces, and 10 floors of offices with four offices per floor.

Onyx SkyView is an engineering marvel with a distinctive architectural style, colour, and shape, according to Kohheji, who unveiled the project. The property also comprises three interlocking towers that have distinctive main entrances facing the Four Seasons hotel. But there are equally balconies that extend bayside views from the residential apartments, a modest office façade, and appealing retail locations on both sides of the towers.

The various architectural blocks of the skyscraper mirror the Kooheji brand's architectural style. This is reflected through the tower's exterior cladding which is in three different colours. 


Onyx SkyView's 435 ultra-luxury apartments come in a variety of sizes including studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. They also come with elegant interior design options. These residencies are designed with space optimisation in mind along with being high-end and expertly designed.

Across the three residential floor types on 46 levels,  a restricted quantity of each residential unit type will exist. This includes 33 to 39 units of 3-bedroom apartments and 39 to 45 studio, 1 and 2 - bedroom units

Natural details, such as classic oak flooring, cool stone finishes, and paneled walls provide a high-end living environment. But also,  The availability of different floor plans responds to varied customer demands by being easy to adjust to reflect unique customer preferences.

Kooheji will also provide optional interior design packages. These will be expertly commissioned to provide an idyllic and highly customizable living experience.


The project has 3,800 square meters dedicated to resort-style indoor and outdoor amenities. These include zones for active and passive entertainment, such as an indoor multipurpose hall, VIP lounge, café, and movie. This is in addition to a play area, indoor and outdoor gyms, and an extensive array of water-based facilities like pools, dynamic splash pads, and an infinity pool to name a few.

The mixed-use complex also has the advantage of being adjacent to major commercial malls and key Bahrain Bay attractions. It is also within walking distance of the centre of Bahrain Bay.

Photo Credit: Muharraqi Studios 
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