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How Jeddah’s new car-free city will drive investment & artistry

Article-How Jeddah’s new car-free city will drive investment & artistry

Touted as an innovative and sustainable new urban district, it’s hard to overlook Airport City in Jeddah as just another city.

Inspired by nature, history and local architecture, Airport City in Jeddah is a new urban district and this year’s Cityscape Intelligence’s KSA Awards winner in the commercial - office category.

In fact Airport City, Jeddah’s new mixed-use urban district will skilfully combine sustainability, traditional architecture and artistry to create a tourism and investment hub.


For London-based Chapman Taylor, the master planners behind the ambitious project, the 1.91 million m² GBA introduces an innovative mixed-use community concept to the region, creating diverse tourism and business opportunities.

“The scheme will deliver a dynamic and sustainable mix of provisions around a central avenue, which links the airport's railway station to the airport's dedicated mosque. Included within the masterplan are shops, leisure and entertainment functions, healthcare clinics, private residences, a financial district, an artisans' district, a green food yard and a central artists' district.

Green spaces and water features are provided throughout the development, along with public squares, a village street, botanic gardens, a family promenade, and other beautifully landscaped areas,” say the master planners.



With plans to create investment and tourism hubs across Saudi Arabia, Airport City is a new type of transport-oriented development that sits at the crossroads between Jeddah Airport and the Makkah/Medina HST access, within the Jeddah City Expansion Area and will include within it a complete city district with commercial, residential, retail, entertainment, hospitality, exhibition, and conference and cultural facilities.

“The masterplan creates a socially, economically and commercially sustainable, new-generation mixed-use development with a human scale, creating a perfect synergy between the landscape and the architecture,” according to Chapman Taylor.



  • Masterplanner: Chapman Taylor
  • Client: SARH Airport Development and Real Estate Investment, together with AE Prime as a lead consultant and project manager
  • Design: The masterplan design emphasises plug & play flexibility and high connectivity, with designs inspired by nature, history and traditional local architecture and art, in addition to careful planning, well-curated community spaces and an in-depth understanding of user requirements.


  • Ensure energy efficiency and ecological diversity
  • A car-free sustainable city
  • Providing a complete and balanced mixed-use development, including a feature destination in the beautiful Central Park.
  • Planning a very well intra-connected urban development
  • Reduce all types of pollution (e.g. air, sound, water, soil)
  • Help increase the Saudi contribution to international arts and culture.


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