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The Forestias in Bangkok: A green, urban oasis

Article-The Forestias in Bangkok: A green, urban oasis

Health, wellness and community are principal underpinnings of The Forestias masterplan.

Designs for a new multi-generational, health-focused, and sustainable residential development called The Forestias were revealed last month. Situated in the outskirts of Bangkok city, the development aims to connect contemporary city life in Thailand with traditional concepts of health and wellbeing.

The Forestias is designed around themes of community and multi-generational family co-living, nature (for healthier urban living), and smart cities, incorporating  autonomous vehicles, smart meters and sensor networks as well.

Foster + Partners undertook design of the project through its Thai subsidiary F&P (Thailand) Ltd.



The project site has been divided into two zones. City level public functions are concentrated in the North zone, and the South zone will be dedicated to residential properties.

A forest can be found at the heart of the development, while a range of planted areas and green spaces will surround the region. 

The main entrance will feature a Forest Pavilion, which acts as an ‘experience centre’ for The Forestias lifestyle through immersive and interactive experiences. It will include a canopy walk on an elevated platform leading into the central forest, and will connect the North and South zones as well.


The residential South zone will involve a variety of housing options, including high-rises and villas. Properties include three ‘Whizdom’ high-rise buildings featuring condominiums for smaller families, ‘Mulberry Grove’ low-rise condominiums ‘Mulberry Grove Villas’ cluster-home residences for larger, multi-generational families, ‘The Aspen Tree’ residences designed around lifetime care services for older residents, and the ‘Six Senses’ super luxury villas.

Residential spaces are aimed at building a sense of community at The Forestias. Hence, boundary walls and hedges have been visually reduced, and shared facilities have been incorporated into the project. Neighbourhoods are focused on creating “an infinitely extendable diagram of buildings and social spaces.”

At the Mulberry Grove villa properties, for instance, the courtyard serves as the heart of every home. Moreover, streets in The Forestias intersect at plazas for each neighbourhood, and several neighbourhoods collect at a larger public space with shared resources.


“The Forestias masterplan takes inspiration from the layout of traditional Thai houses to create a contemporary interpretation in the form of flexible community spaces, focussed on health and nature, that can expand and adapt as the needs of the family grow,” Sunphol Sorakul, Partner and Director, F&P (Thailand) said about the project.

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