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Environmental health: Now is the time for LEED certification

Article-Environmental health: Now is the time for LEED certification

It’s time for real estate to start paying attention to environmental health.

LEED certification—an internationally recognised standard for sustainable design, construction and operation of commercial buildings—can help by ensuring your real estate meets a minimum level of environmental performance.

Most modern buildings are required by national law to meet a certain standard of sustainability. They are designed to reduce their impact on the environment by integrating new building practices and smart technology.

Although many firms will be attracted by the efficiency savings a sustainable building offers, the benefits to its occupants—both in terms of health and productivity—are also significant.


LEED certification covers a number of different environmental factors, many of which are specifically designed to improve quality-of-life for building occupants.

For instance, the Safety First: Managing Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19 credit was developed recently to improve existing air quality standards and improve ventilation. Clean, fresh airflow not only limits the spread of COVID-19 but has health and productivity benefits.


Research by Harvard and Syracuse Universities found that workers operating in “green condition”—i.e. where ventilation is improved and carbon dioxide levels reduced— performed 61% better on cognitive tasks.

Meanwhile, a study published in the journal Building and Environment conducted on 10 different green-certified buildings found employees had 30% fewer headaches and respiratory complaints in a green office environment.

Meeting these LEED credits can not only pay dividends in terms of your reputation, social responsibility and efficiency savings, but it can also improve the health and wellbeing of employees in a way that seriously improves productivity and loyalty.


To know more about LEED Certificationclick here


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