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Egypt’s new pharma city to attract global investors

Article-Egypt’s new pharma city to attract global investors

Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has this week officially inaugurated Gypto Pharma City, the largest pharmaceutical city in the Middle East, also known as Medicine City.

Located in Al-Khankah to the north of Cairo, this new development is envisaged as a centre for the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry. It will act as a hub for developing and manufacturing safe and effective medicines, providing a dedicated platform for cooperation between the state and private enterprise.


At 180,000 square metres, it is the largest pharmaceutical city in the entire Middle East.

It is hoped the city will help transform Egypt into a regional hub for the pharmaceutical industry, attracting international companies to set up shop.

In particular, the city will provide a platform for exporting medical products to other African and Middle Eastern countries. To that end, it contains a center dedicated to manufacturing medicines in concert with foreign companies.

It is a timely development. This new city will help to address the ongoing Covid-19 crisis by providing space for the manufacture of coronavirus drugs, as well as remedies for other chronic illnesses.

Gypto Pharma City tour


Gypto Pharma City has been developed with the very latest technology, including state-of-the-art automation and self-cleaning devices. All the facilities in the city will meet the highest, WHO-approved standards.

When fully operational, will include 160 production lines to manufacture 150 types of medicines—in its early phase, it will also focus on the production of medicine packaging.

The city is intended not only to attract Egyptian and international corporations but also to create jobs for a young, tech-literate workforce.

Speaking at the opening, President Sisi said: “We must have the ability to produce medicine at the highest levels. The antibiotic produced in the medicine city will be as efficient as its counterparts in the most prestigious countries in the world.”

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