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TRSDC reveal its fully immersive Marine Life Institute

Article-TRSDC reveal its fully immersive Marine Life Institute

The Red Sea Development Company's Marine Life Center
The Marine Life Institute will stand as a core component of the first phase of development at triple bay in the heart of the AMAALA megaproject.

Designs for The Red Sea Development Company's (TRSDC) cutting-edge Marine Life Institute have been unveiled.

The institute will advance conservation-focused research. But it will also provide tourists with a diverse range of immersive yet informational experiences.

The Marine Life Institute is distinctive, offering 10 zones with a whole selection of activities. These activities range from augmented reality to night diving. But they also include areas for the scientific community to make meaningful progress with various environmental projects that they will undertake. It will not only spur global green and blue innovation, but it will also help Saudi Arabia become more well-known among tourists looking for life-enriching vacation experiences.

TRSDC also envisions the center as a focal point for its larger plans to safeguard and develop Saudi Arabia’s prosperous Red Sea coast. Equally, the Marine Life Institute will act as a core feature of the first phase of development at AMAALA Triple Bay. This phase is scheduled to open to visitors in 2024.

Through the Marine Life Institute, TRSDC will also facilitate the sharing of important scientific discoveries on a global scale. They will equally provide the institute’s visitors with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the coral reefs in the area thanks to TRSDC’s growing portfolio of projects.


Visitors will be able to take part in a whole host of experiential activities. Opportunities to walk underwater, snorkel amongst rare animal species, and take lab tours are offered. But equally impressive is the opportunity to ride in a submarine at the depths of the Red Sea. Each of these opportunities are anticipated to accommodate up to 650 people at once within the facility.

Among the largest man-made reefs in the world, measuring an impressive 40 meters long and 10 meters deep, will be housed inside the facility as a monument to TRSDC's coral farming activities. Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed with an unforgettable "Grand Reveal" moment.


The 10,340 square meter institute will be situated within the AMAALA megaproject on the west coast of Saudi Arabia and situated on the shoreline of Triple Bay. It will have three stories, one above ground and two below, and provide breath-taking panoramic views of the marina and the Red Sea.

The glass-reinforced concrete being utilized to construct the institute is planned to carefully mimic the shape of reef patterns amongst the skyline. It will draw inspiration from the flourishing coral reefs of the Red Sea. Inside, exhibits are also being interwoven into the building's infrastructure. Visitors will be greeted at the entrance by hanging semi-spherical fish tanks filled with vibrant local aquatic life.


More than 40% of the land will be covered with native plants as part of TRSDC's commitment to responsible development. Equally, a system to capture runoff water is being implemented to minimize pollution and erosion while minimizing the usage of mains water.

The institute's lighting is also planned with the TRSDC's environmental goals in mind. It will use a ground-breaking framework to stop light pollution and safeguard the nocturnal environment.


Construction on the bulk of the excavation work and the transportation of 170,000 cubic meters of soil has been undertaken. Following that, TRSDC will start piling and shoring in preparation for digging for the institute's Grand Reveal aquarium 12 meters below the water's surface.

The first phase of AMAALA's Triple Bay project is also now under construction. This included eight resorts and more than 1,200 hotel keys. Over 3,000 hotel rooms spread over 25 hotels will be available at the destination once it is finished. But equally, 900 luxury properties, villas, and apartments, as well as upscale shops, restaurants, and other amenities will be available.

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