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Revealed: Qatar pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Article-Revealed: Qatar pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

QatarPavilion Dubai expo2020_3
The Qatar pavilion will be constructed using a sustainable new generation solid surface material.

Designs for the Qatar pavilion at Dubai’s Expo 2020 have been made public. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava unveiled the design, which is inspired from the four elements of Qatar’s coat of arms. 

Dubai-based contractor ALEC Fitout will oversee the construction of the Qatar Pavilion, while Aurecon will step in as the Engineer of Record. The pavilion is to be constructed in the next five months.

The elements consist of two crossed and curved swords, a traditional dhow boat, and an island with palm trees. The design closely mirrors these elements, capturing their motto of "movement, mobility, strength and tradition.”

The Qatar pavilion will feature a white, curved, vertical, sail-shaped structure which will be intersected by a second horizontal structure of a lower height. A gold-coloured sculpture of palm trees, with a height of 20 metres, will be placed right beside the Qatar pavilion.

The main building will be 15 metres tall, with the completed Qatar Pavilion spanning 960 square metres, with a built-up area of 620 square metres.

"The architectural gesture and structural form of the pavilion, which houses the entire visitor experience, mirrors the shape of the dhow and its grand sails,” Calatrava International CEO Micael Calatrava said.

"The sculptural monument at the entrance of the pavilion represents an abstract translation and fusion of two intertwined palm trees, while the reflective pools and integrated water features surrounding the pavilion represent the Arabian Gulf which encompasses the nation of Qatar,” he continued.

QatarPavilion Dubai expo2020_1


The Qatar Pavilion is made of new generation solid surface material KRION. It is made up of two-thirds natural minerals, and also includes high-resistance resins. The ecological material is fully recyclable.

The building itself will be placed in the sustainability district of Expo 2020. It is designed to be a sustainable and functional structure, Dezeen reported. Procurement and construction will be made possible even as the design develops due to a “non-linear, non-traditional design methodology,” the design studio said.

QatarPavilion Dubai expo2020_2

The Qatar Pavilion will provide an experience into Qatar’s history and culture. Two main galleries and exhibition spaces within the pavilion will be designed to offer immersive experiences for visitors.

The UAE, along with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, only recently normalised ties with Qatar. In January this year, the three countries agreed to fully restore diplomatic relations with Qatar through an accord signed in Saudi Arabia’s Al Ula.

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