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“Distinctive Spatial Perception” at the new Miral Abu Dhabi headquarters

Miral Abu Dhabi
The new Miral Abu Dhabi headquarters features a slide, an open staircase, and individual virtual meeting booths.

Godwin Austen Johnson recently completed their latest project, a new headquarters in Abu Dhabi for asset management company Miral Abu Dhabi.

Miral is a real estate development company, known for being the developer of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

The two-storey office is designed to be a “progressive” work space that is unconventional, inspiring and efficient, a statement from the firm said. The space is also unique in its unconventional selection of materials, finishes and furniture, as well as its distinctive spatial perception, it added.

“The office space of today is focused on balance. It is an environment designed to inspire employees so they enjoy coming to work and are much more productive while they are in the office,” Jason Burnside, partner at Godwin Austen Johnson, said about the headquarters.


The new Miral Abu Dhabi headquarters features a stainless steel indoor slide from the first floor to the ground floor, to create a playful and enjoyable environment. The slide is a first for the Middle East region, the statement said.

Commenting on the slide at the new Miral Abu Dhabi headquarters, Burnside said, “The slide is designed to recreate the element of risk-taking and independence just as it does in children which in turn helps foster revolutionary ideas, promote interaction and connectivity.”

Further, the headquarters also has an open industrial-looking stairway, in keeping with the overall industrial theme of the office. The red oxide-coloured stairway is fitted on a concrete plinth. The plinth itself doubles as a seating area. 

Apart from the red oxide, the basic colour palette of the new Miral Abu Dhabi headquarters features grey shades interspersed with neutral tones of concrete, black metal and warm wood.

Moreover, the floors are “fluid and flexible,” with designs based on open office concepts and collaboration nodes. Building infrastructure is housed in a raised access flooring system with ceiling voids. This is meant to provide a degree of flexibility in the space, with room for potential changes in the future.

The new Miral Abu Dhabi headquarters is also virtual meeting-friendly. It is equipped with both single and double seater booths. The bright yellow booths come with audio-visual capabilities for virtual meetings. A large projector screen has been installed at one end of the office to convert the area into a presentation zone when required.


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